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ve been heads down with a ton of client work lately and have had regrettably little time to post. However, there's new stuff coming on Customer Experience and business shift very soon, as well as upcoming Customer Experience chats on Twitter to look forward to.

In the mean time, I will be speaking on a panel at Blog World Expo, with Rob Wu, Founder of Causevox, Esteban Contreras, Social Media Manager from Samsung and  our moderator, Chris Noble, CEO of Cause Media, about our SXSW4Japan effort next week.  Our session Tuesday is called "SXSW4J:  A Case Study in Rapid, Iterative Development, Crisis Response, Crowd Sourcing and Social Good."  We look forward to bringing some of the great lessons learned on our journey and are putting a "Ten Tips for Rapid Social Mobilization" presentation together, which I'll share after our presentation.  If you'll be at Blog World Expo and would like to connect, drop by our panel at 3:45 Tuesday, or send me a tweet @livepath.

Tonight: Is Customer Experience Management the New Marketing: 8pm ET

Tonight, I'll be hosting #IMCChat on Twitter with hosts Anna Barcelos and Beth Harte at 8pm ET on Twitter.  This week, we'll be talking about "next-generation" marketing... specifically, the topic will be: "Is Customer Experience Management the New Marketing?"

You can join us on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #imcchat.  You can also use Tweetchat or other tools to follow the hashtag and respond.

To foster some good discussion, one of the things I'd love everyone to check out is the chart I've been using with my clients to help describe the business shift we are seeing today.
Post-Millennial dynamics are driving change in all aspects of business today -- from product development to front line sales and Marketing.  In tonight's chat, I'd like to discuss how these shifts are changing marketing, and marketer's perspectives of their role in Customer Experience Management.

Also, for discussion purposes, we'll define customer Experience Management can be defined as follows:

Customer Experience Management (CXM or CEM) is the discipline, methodology and/or process used to comprehensively manage the exposure, interaction and transaction between people and brands -- over time, and across channels.  The goal of CEM is to measure and optimize experiences to minimize attrition and maximize satisfaction, loyalty and business outcomes.
Looking forward to perspectives and insights that will be provided tonight!  You can also follow me on Twitter @livepath




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