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To my very patient readers,

No, I have not fallen off the planet. I am eight days away from my wedding, and engaged in a last-minute client project! I find myself torn, somewhat, as my head is just FULL of stuff to write about, but there's been no time! To spare my poor fiancee the pain of last-minute blogging on our honeymoon, here's a preview of what's ahead...

I'm working on an article coming on the Power of Persona, which explores how making customers more "real" to your employee base and drive better customer centricity, learning and behavior. In addition, I'm cranking out some articles on Customer Experience Mapping - meaty stuff - from worksessions to recommended tools, etc. Finally, I'm working on another Experience File on a chain of brew pubs on the West Coast. That sure was fun research. HIC!

On another front, we're also developing a CEM webinar series. The series will be offered in a large group format, and can also be customized for dedicated corporate sessions, complimented by QA and light consulting. While this is still taking shape, the series will dissect aspects of CEM as follows:

  • Defining Customer Experience Management. It's an emerging market discipline and a popular buzz word - but beyond the hype, what is it really, and how does it impact what I do?

  • Executive CEM. CEM will fail without the right excutive alignment. Understand the roles that guide successful CEM and customer centric behavior, and why aligning your organization may be the best investment you ever make.

  • The CEM Fundamentals. There's a lot of chatter about innovation today, but most customer experience fails because of fundamentals - not for lack of creativity. Explore the fundamental elements of Customer Experience, and how to make real changes in your businss that drive cohesion and customer loyalty.

  • Customer Experience and Operations. CEM, CRM, MRM, EFM - Pick an acronym! Despite our focus in these areas, operations is the primary failure point that impacts customer experience today. A discussion of the platform essentials of customer experience management, and it all fits together.

    If you're interested in engaging in these series, please feel free to drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you . Be sure to mention any specific needs or interests.

    Okay. Better go get married now. See you in a few weeks! Stay customer centered!



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